Artist Statement 


The intention of my work is to unite the process of self-reflection with a tangible expression of creativity through imagery, thus appealing to one or more of our senses. The use of broken mirrors is to demonstrate the shattering of internal emotions that express a change and rebuilding of self-identity. Each of us possess an internal belief system about ourselves and though our worlds may have been shattered by devastation, I believe we can always rebuild and repair. The act of creating something beautiful from the most broken parts of ourselves is essentially the road we pave on the journey toward healing. The only guarantee we have in life is the inevitability of change and through my artwork I attempt to redefine the outcome of being, beautifully broken. 

About the Artist

Luz Thompson did not grow up knowing that she wanted to be an visual artist. In fact, she spent most of her adolescence into her adulthood expressing herself through poetry. Growing up she spent a lot of time watching and learning from her Grandmother Irene, who was an accomplished artist.  It wasn't until the passing of her beloved Grandmother in 2011 that Luz discovered her passion for visual artwork. 

In May of 2012 Luz was invited to be a presenter and featured artist at the "Arts Alive Festival" in Mission Viejo, California.  She was also featured as a military Veteran artist in May 2014 at the "North Park Festival of the Arts" in San Diego, California. In June 2014, Luz presented her work at the "Art Around Adams" event in San Diego, California. In November of 2014 she was the keynote speaker and featured artist during "Artist of War", an event hosted by the Lone Survivor Foundation (LSF) in Coronado, California. She was invited as a special guest to the LSF Chicago Gala in February 2015, the LSF Oklahoma City Gala in August 2015, and the LSF Houston Gala in 2015. As a former LSF retreat attendee, she continues to give back by donating custom made mosaic artwork for auction to help raise money for the foundation. From 2014-2016 she taught glass mosaic at the Vista Innovation & Design Academy in Vista, California.  In 2017 the VA's Center for Women Veterans partnered with the Veteran Artist Program (VAP) to display art by 10 women Veterans nationwide and Stacey's artwork was chosen. Her signature piece titled "The Change of Tides" will be featured in NYC near the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum during Fleet Week 2017. 

Luz is a proud mother of three, MST advocate, co-founder of "Veterans Recover Project" and United States Marine Corps  Veteran. She graduated with honors and earned her Master's of Science Degree in 2014 from the California University of Pennsylvania.  She is a published author, accomplished motivational speaker, and performance poet. She currently resides with her  children in Oceanside, California and enjoys surfing with them whenever possible.  Having been in California since 2010, her success thus far as a professional artist is certainly an indication of things to come.